Delivering Returns, Managing Risk

M.K. Financials helps investors multiply their wealth through investments in mutual funds and portfolio management services.

We are an award-winning partner of leading Indian mutual fund houses, and use our strong network of relationships in the industry to offer you the best recommendations on your investments.

Mutual Fund Services

Mutual funds are one of the best options to create long-term wealth.

A well thought-out mutual fund investment plan will deliver flexibility, liquidity, diversification, consistent returns and tax efficiency.

What’s more, by choosing a good mix of funds, you can lower your risk without compromising on returns.

M.K. Financials provides end-to-end, personalised, doorstep service for your mutual fund investments.

Mutual Funds

Our services include

  • Investment advice and planning
  • New fund offers
  • Hassle-free transactions
  • Monthly consolidated statements
  • Personalised service
  • Buy and sell mutual fund schemes
  • Systematic investment
  • Regular portfolio updates and alerts
  • Zero additional fees

If you wish to look beyond mutual funds, we are happy to facilitate your investments in other asset classes as well. We help many of our clients with their transactions in insurance, corporate deposits, gold bonds, and so on.

For our customers, we are always just a phone call away. And, no, you won’t reach a call centre or a recorded voice. We will make sure you talk to an expert who can address your question.

Portfolio Management Services (PMS)

The Equitymarkets are filled with diverse investment avenues. Our fund managers handpick the best mix of Stocks to help you achieve your personal financial goals. The mix of Stockswe choose for you will be unique, based on your risk appetite, life stage, goals, cash flow and liquidity needs.

Our portfolio management services are ideal for high net worth individuals who are looking to grow their wealth through a broader mix of assets.

  • Unique, personalized, individually tailored investment plans
  • Actively managed to maximize returns and minimize risks
  • Wide mix or a concentrated portfolio - as you desire.
  • Regular updates on performance of the PMS

Alchemy Capital Management ⇨

Alchemy Capital Management is the vision of Lashit Sanghvi, Ashwin Kedia, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and Hiren Ved. Since its inception, the vision has grown in stature and Alchemy is currently one of the largest Portfolio Managers in the country. Alchemy’s key strength is their experience. They take pride in the fact that since its inception, their clients have commended them for a superior experience. Alchemy has earned these accolades by adopting practices that can be classified as best in its class.

Why Alchemy?

Alchemy’s Management Team has over 100 years of cumulative experience bringing a confluence of skill and discipline for sustainable long-term wealth creation. The firm manages/advises over USD 480 million across various funds/mandates and has a track record of over 13 years. The firm employs 70 professionals that includes a stable, experienced and well-qualified investment team of 8 professionals. The team focuses on bottom up stock picking based on primary research and discipline for continuous review.

Alchemy Credentials Founders and Investment Team

  • Bring over 100 years of Indian equity market experience.
  • Have excellent market standing built on integrity.
  • Have extensive network of intelligence and information at disposal.
  • Bring over 100 years of Indian equity market experience.
  • Co-founder, Hiren Ved, as Chief Investment Officer brings investment philosophy consistency.
  • Have a stable and experienced team of investment professionals who have stayed and imbibed the firm’s investment philosophy.

Disciplined Investment Process

  • Pioneers in Bottom Up stock picking.
  • Ability to pick trends early.
  • Focus on Primary Research.
  • Long term approach to investing in listed companies with continuous review.
  • Consistent performance track record since inception in 2002.
  • Bespoke approach to individual client’s portfolio.

Track Record

  • 13 years of Investment management track record.
  • INR 1 crore invested in May 2002 has grown to over 25.7 crores today*
  • Has managed funds through bull and bear cycles and out performed its benchmark 11 out of 13 calendar years.
  • One of the few Portfolio Managers in India to have been in existence since 2002.
  • Manages/advices over Rs. 3119 crores of assets onshore and offshore as on 30-Nov-2015 .
  • Average relationship value of top category clients is 18 crores, firm wide average of all onshore clients is over 1.7 crores as of 30-Nov-15.

Strong Emphasis on Compliance and Risk Management

  • With an ethical Code of Conduct in place
  • With transparency in business, client service and reporting.

Quality of Clients

  • Sophisticated Institutional investors, Sovereign funds.
  • Ultra HNIs (Limited universe of over 1000 exclusive families and includes eminent individuals across businesses families and professionals )

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Founder

A highly respected and successful equity investor in India, with over 25 years of experience in the financial markets. He is renowned value investor in India.

Lashit Sanghvi, Co-Founder

Lashit has about 2 decades of comprehensive equity market experience. His strengths are qualitative assessment of people and his ability to judge broad markets and has featured in “Wizards of Dalal Street – Gen Next” a series on the most successful investors in Indian Stock Market by CNBC India.

Ashwin Kedia , Co-Founder

Ashwin has about 2 decades of comprehensive equity market experience. He has very strong background in primary research and has featured in “Wizards of Dalal Street – Gen Next” a series on the most successful investors in Indian Stock Market by CNBC India.

Hiren Ved, Co-Founder

Hiren has been CIO at Alchemy India since 1999 managing assets of over USD 400 mn. With about 2 decades of experience in the Indian equity markets, he has created a solid foundation in bottom-up research and stock picking.

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